Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Desires have existed
Desires do exist
And wanting shall exist

Desire for passion, for him and for her
Desire for real estates
And wantings for money shall prevail

Desire for peace, for knowledge and for acclamation
Desire for love and loving
And wanting for justice shall prevail

Desire for unity, for humanity and good samaritanship
Desire for desires
And wantings for revenge now prevail

Desires have existed before
Desires for and not for all existed
And wanting for all these and also that shall prevail.

Copyright © 2009


I beg of you my love
I want to hold you close
closer than we used to
when you came again

I beg of you my love
and promise never again
shall she do us part
when you come again

I beg of you my love
to forgive me once more
and together we shall fly
when you come again

I beg of you my love
to open up those red petals
and show me your true heart
when you come again

I beg of you
because of your everything
that means the whole world to me
when you come again.


Copyright © 2009

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We get borne every day
And mother wails in joy
For the son of the leopard
Or the daughter of the peacock
Is now borne

We get the life in leisure
And the rest in pleasure
For others live in hardship
Or die of hunger
In this land of plenty

We get a few for our hearts
And Mama says No
For Papa says Never
Or thou shalt inherit none of ours
In this land of plenty

We get married to it though
And the seeds we plant sprouts
For there's milk and honey
Or my neighbor thinks we are happy
In this land of plenty

We get the age for the wise
And my twin brother is a witch
For he married the night runner
Or the daughter of the valley people
In this land of plenty.

Copyright © 2009


She wakes up every morning
With a hoe and a basket
With a backed bundle
As the morning birds praise her

Her husband long gone
To join the land defense force
That is legal in its eyes
And a vice in others

She wakes up every morning
Amid wails at the market place
And among the fallen her lover rests
As if he had worked harder

Her lover long gone
And the gun with which he was fallen
Hunts for more justice
That gives birth to society of widows

African mother
A widow at tender age
A mourner of the moment
A sign of justice

An African mother
A mother of an orphan
A mourner of the moment
A sign of justice.

Copyright © 2009


Like the lily that is uprooted
And thrust in a mountain of dung
Where it withers into forgetfulness
And nourishes the soils of the earth

Like the lily pulled away from the riverbank
And held close to my heart
Where it caresses my soul
And soothes me into humanity

Like a gift of the coloured rose
And a gift for the true heart
Where it makes things bloom
And the prince of peace urges me on

Like the true lily from the valley
That asks for wisdom
Where it makes this Suleiman wise
And more grand than none

Like this nourishing lily, soothing lily
And this gift of wisdom
Where it in it we shall rise
And smile again.

Copyright © 2009